Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Why some species are endangered

Human activities are the main reason why these species are becoming extinct. Human activities that cause the specie to become extinct include :
a) illegal and excessive logging
b) illegal and excessive hunting
c) excessive development

A)Illegal and Excessive Logging
1.    Humans cut down trees to get wood or to clear land for farming.
2.    Logging activities become a threat to many species when they are carried out on a large scale.
3.    Some of the logging activities are illegal. They are carried out by irresponsible people who want to get quick profit.
4.    Illegal logging involves logging without licence, logging outside licensed areas and unauthorised construction of infrastructure and forest roads.
5.    These illegal and excessive logging activities cause many habitats to be destroyed.
6.    The loss of one plant species can lead to the extinction of many more species.
7.    This is because many species depend on the species of plant for their food and shelter. 

B) Illegal and Excessive Hunting
    1.    Some animals are hunted by humans for food or for commercial gains.
    2.    Illegal hunters always hunt these animals to make profit or just for fun.
    3.    Tigers are hunted and killed for their skins. The skins are made into coats.
    4.    Deer are killed by people for their meat.
    5.    Elephants are hunted for their ivory. Ivory is crafted into beautiful objects.
    6.    The rhinoceros is killed for its horn. Some people believe that the horn can be used as medicine. 
    7.    Illegal and excessive hunting causes these animals to become extinct. 

C) Excessive Development
1.    The world's population keeps increasing every day.
2.    Therefore, people need more resources and more land.
3.    People are using more resources such as wood to build houses.
4.    People need more land for farming and development.
5.    The increasing demand for land and wood causes many forest areas to be cleared.
6.    The forest is home to a wide variety of wildlife.
7.    When an area of forest is developed into a city, farm or residential area, the wildlife in the forest becomes extinct.
8.     A large number of species will be extinct if development is not properly planned.

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